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41-year-old hit and killed while changing Megabus tire on BW Parkway

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jul 01, 2019

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — Megabus has built its business on discount, curbside travel with few - if any stops, but when one of its buses traveling from DC to New York experienced a flat tire along the northbound lanes of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway on Sunday, it set the stage for disaster.

A Lexus struck and killed 41-year-old service technician Stuart Johnson Jr. of Baltimore as he attempted to repair the tire, and then sped away.

"The striking vehicle had continued on, but fortunately a citizen who witnessed this occur followed that vehicle and was able to report to police the direction of travel of this vehicle,” said Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police. “The suspect vehicle actually became disabled up near I-195. The driver fled on foot, but police were able to be directed into an area where she ran into the woods."

With the help of Maryland Transportation Authority Police and officers from Anne Arundel County, troopers apprehended 23-year-old Brittany Walton a short time later.

"She was found to be wanted on warrants from Baltimore City,” said Shipley. “She was arrested last night. Charges in this incident are still pending."

Police say another Megabus had already arrived to take on the passengers stranded following the flat tire and had left the scene when the Lexus struck Johnson, who was walking along the bus and a nearby travel lane at the time.

Johnson's family says he is survived by a daughter who is a senior in high school and two younger children who are under the age of six.

Police are holding the woman who allegedly struck and killed Johnson on outstanding warrants for burglary and animal cruelty.

An investigation into the crash continues.