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The Deacon Chef cooking up hope in West Baltimore

The Deacon Chef cooking up hope in West Baltimore
The Deacon Chef cooking up hope in West Baltimore
Posted at 8:41 PM, Mar 12, 2021

BALTIMORE — William Scipio “The Deacon Chef” did the prep work for a career in culinary in grandmas kitchen.

“I would just sit at the table stool and just watch her cook,” Scipio said. “I always used to be so intrigued by how she would just pour and stir and just never measured anything.”

He honed his skills and picked up tricks working in the industry from some of Baltimore’s best chefs.

In his day job, he teaches children with disabilities how to cook for the Board of Child Care.

“Cooking for me is more of a therapy and a ministry. As a chef when you see the food that you prepare and you see the art you create and you give it to your customers or anybody and see the joy in their faces. To see them full and happy it just makes you feel good.”

A few years ago he was on a walk and found his calling— he wanted to cook gourmet for the homelessness people he saw hungry on the streets.

Before the pandemic, he and his team were feeding 200 to 300 meals once a month at homeless encampments around the city.

“Deacon chef is an organization that is all about love and sharing Gods Grace through the food that we cook.”

He’s made it to the next round of the Favorite chef competition and his hope is to win the $50,000 prize and use the money to open up a restaurant for the homeless.

“We would have a printed menu and they would come be seated, choose what they want and it will be prepared daily and fresh for every customer that we have.”

If you want to vote for the Deacon chef click here.

He also make meals for people to pickup on his social pages if you want to try out his food. Click here for more information.