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"Mama is a hero. Who will be hers?" Senior foster pit bull sniffs out missing dog in need of help

Mama the Pitbull of MCASAC
Posted at 9:29 AM, Aug 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-09 09:31:11-04

DERWOOD, Md. — Mama, a 10-year-old foster pit bull is being called a hero.

She is one of many pets at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center (MCASAC), waiting to find a permanent home.

For the past several months, Mama has been fostered by Sara.

Last month, Sara noticed flyers about a missing dog posted in her neighborhood.

Knowing Mama was pretty good at tracking fellow dogs, the two went on a mission.

Sara took Mama near where the missing dog had last been seen.

It didn't take long for Mama to sniff out the missing pup.

"I thought to myself, she is on to something. Where is she going?" Sara told MCASAC.

Way off a walking path happened to be the missing dog, who appeared to be scared, weak, and in need of immediate vet care.

"I would have never have seen [the dog], who was way off the path, had it not been for Mama leading me to it," Sara said.

She added Mama couldn't have been more gentle with the in-shock dog.

A lot of times pit bulls, especially senior ones like Mama, are some of the most overlooked dogs in the shelter, according to MCASAC.

"If it isn't obvious by now, she is a sweet, smart, loyal dog with so much heart and love to give. Mama is fully housebroken, a sensitive soul who snuggles up with Sara when she can sense she is stressed, low-key and mellow, and now, a hero," MCASAC wrote in a Facebook post.

For more information on MCASAC and how to adopt Mama, click here.

Mama's story can also be watched below.