UMBC coach reacts to Virginia's NCAA win

Posted at 7:21 PM, Apr 09, 2019

The Virginia Cavaliers beat Texas Tech Monday night, winning the program's first ever NCAA championship.

Last year University of Maryland, Baltimore County knocked the Cavaliers out of the tournament. It was the first time a No. 16 seed beat a No. 1 seed. Not just that, UVa was the No. 1 overall seed, making the upset even more improbably and historic. That narrative, of the Cavaliers navigating the devastating then jubilant sides of sports history, was referred to frequently during the team's 2019 championship run.

Ryan Odom, UMBC's head coach, had a few things to say about this year's win for Virginia.

"What an amazing story about resiliency," Odom said. "Togetherness, never giving in and not listening to the outside. Both teams in a way had to do that. Ours on the front end of our win prior to the game, gave us no chance to win. Guys didn't listen to it. This year all they heard was 'UMBC, it's going to happen again, look at them,' and they didn't listen."

He said he texted Virginia's head coach, Tony Bennett, when the Cavs went to the Final Four and said "Now it's your turn brother."

It looks like UVa followed through.