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The Girl Scouts Are Debuting A Brand-New Cookie Flavor

The Girl Scouts Are Debuting A Brand-New Cookie Flavor
Posted at 6:30 AM, Aug 20, 2020

A new Girl Scout cookie flavor will be joining the lineup in 2021, and it sounds delicious. The latest flavor is called Toast-Yay!, and it’s a French toast-inspired cookie with one side covered in icing. Although French toast is typically served at breakfast, it’s definitely one of those breakfast dishes that is really more like a dessert, so it makes total sense to enjoy it in cookie form.

The cookie is even shaped like a miniature piece of toast.

Girl Scouts

How cute!

Girl Scout cookie season typically starts in January, so look out for Toast-Yay! when your local troops start selling in the new year. You can use theGirl Scout Council Finder to get information about sale dates and specific cookie availability in your area.

The organization took to Twitter to announce the new flavor on Aug. 18:

“.@girlscouts is kicking off the 2021 #GirlScoutCookie season with the new French toast-inspired Toast-Yay! cookie!” read the tweet. “Available in select areas.”

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies online since 2014, and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, online sales became even more popular. In the 2020 season, Girl Scouts also donated cookies from their bakery to frontline healthcare workers and first responders as a show of thanks and used cooking earnings to give back to their communities.

“In the 2021 season, Girl Scouts will again embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by selling cookies through online platforms and innovative ‘virtual cookie booths’ on social media (with parental supervision),” reads apost from the Girl Scouts blog. “Many girls will offer socially distant or contactless sales and delivery options. If local guidelines allow and it’s safe to do so, in-person sales may also be available in certain areas.”

Girl Scouts will also offer a gift box option to ship cookies directly to the recipient of your choice via the Digital Cookie/Smart Cookie online platforms. Sending a surprise box of cookies to a friend would be a great way to lift their spirits during this difficult time!

Are you excited to try out the Toast-Yay! cookie?

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