NFL player LeSean McCoy spoiled 'Avengers: Endgame' on social media and fans were really mad

Posted at 10:21 AM, Apr 29, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy took to Twitter to spoil the ending of the box office-breaking "Avengers: Endgame" and some fans were less than pleased.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead

"Endgame" is the 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And for many Buffalo Bills fans who also happen to be Marvel fans, the plot was ruined the day after the film debuted with a few tweets from one of the Bills' most popular players.

McCoy posted to Twitter and Instagram regarding a character death in the film, saying "I'm done with Avengers." The NFL player has 504,000 followers on Instagram and 730,000 followers on Twitter. Some of them probably didn't want to know the end of the highly anticipated superhero movie.

For many "Avengers" die-hards, they went into the weekend with a game plan: stay off social media.

“Don’t go on Facebook," Kaitlyn Stroh said, adding that she didn't even want to take the chance to ruin the ending.

Others said that they hadn't been on social media for a week in anticipation.

Many commenters on McCoy's posts were furious with him.

"Way to ruin a movie people have waited years for," said one Instagram user.

"You either have ZERO common sense or you are the biggest scumbag alive," said another. "You know damn well you have hundreds of thousands of followers who were going to watch the movie and still decided to do this dumb sh*t."

"I hope you tear your acl and you're out for good," said a third.

For now, McCoy is still loved in Buffalo, but there is an online petition to get McCoy fired from the Buffalo Bills, have his Twitter account deleted and be banned from "any Marvel movie ever."

But not all fans were that upset.

“As long as he stays away from spoiling 'Game of Thrones,' we’re good," Patrick Occhiuto said.

If you want to spoil the ending for yourself, you can find McCoy's Twitter posts here and his Instagram post here .

CNN contributed to this report.