Theme night on Dancing with the Stars

Posted at 12:03 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 12:03:42-04

TV theme night on Dancing with the Stars was a lot of fun. All the stars had decent performances to the theme songs from various TV shows. This cast is growing on me, and quickly!

With the Brady Bunch theme, Maureen McCormick performed a Quickstep with Artem Chigvintsev and she totally owned it. Her confidence was sky high compared to last week. She was comfortable and lived up to the character... of Marcia Brady. The judges gave her rave reviews, but okay scores. 26

Jana Kramer suffered a back injury during practice, and she ripped some muscles between her ribs. You know, no big whoop. Somehow, she came out and performed a Tango with Gleb Savchenko and with every arch of her back, I held my breath. It did not appear that they toned down the dance at all. She totally cranked it up to beast mode. Hoping she can heal up before next week. 29

I find Rick Perry to be infectious. He's a blast! He's not the greatest dancer, but he and Emma Slater sure have fun. Their Quickstep to the theme from Green Acres was fun to watch. He's got the performance part down, he just needs to polish up his skills. 22

Megatron is leaving it all out on the dance floor. Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lindsay Arnold performed a Foxtrot to the theme from Family Matters and they were a delight. I still can't understand why his sister said he can't dance! He's killing it! 28

Amber Rose and Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed to the theme from Game of Thrones. The judges seemed to be pretty impressed, but Amber is still lacking some confidence out there. It was okay. I believe she has more in her, but I don't know if she'll be able to show it. 24 for their Viennese Waltz.

Jake T. Austin could not hang with his Go Diego Go reboot. His Cha Cha with Jenna Johnson had potential, but he was either ahead of the beat or missing steps. He's trying to force it, and it's just not working for him. He's even forcing a smile when listening to the judges. 24

I am smitten with Vanilla Ice. Smitten. He has such a good attitude and is always happy. I love it. His Foxtrot with Witney Carson was okay, but what he lacks in skill, he makes up with passion and joy. So, that might be slightly overstated, but still. He's so happy! 26

Terra Jole’ and Sasha Farber performed a Quickstep to the theme from Bewitched. It was super cute. I truly couldn't tell if she was keeping up or not, because Sasha's steps are so much bigger than hers, but she looked like she totally owned it. Her confidence is refreshing. 31

I'm pretty sure Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds' Argentine Tango was fantastic, except that it was SO dark, I could barely see the performance. I feel like someone in production dropped the ball on this one. It definitely needed some more illumination, but still came across as a pretty solid dance. Way to go, Babyface and Allison Holker. 30.

Laurie Hernandez was a crowd-pleaser yet again. I can't imagine what style of dance I would NOT enjoy seeing her perform. She and Valentin Chmerkovskiy had a blast with their Jive to the Duck Tales theme. She is beyond adorable and I love her. 32.

Despite having severely limited rehearsal time, James Hinchcliffe pulled off his Paso Doble with Sharna Burgess in a big way. There was not one misstep, their synchronicity was spot-on and the overall performance was great. Despite that, mostly 7s from the judges for a 29.

Let me tell you something, Marilu Henner is not showing her age in the least. Her Foxtrot with Derek Hough to the theme from Taxi was lovely. She is only going to get better. Go Marilu! 29, with the high score coming from Len with an 8!

Let's chat about Ryan Lochte, shall we? I think we all know he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has won a heckuva lot of Olympic golds. That is no easy task. They rehashed how the protestors came out last week and how he was so bummed to see his mom crying in the crowd. Cut to Vanilla Ice giving him a pep talk.

I mean, this show is the greatest thing ever. Having said that, Lochte and Cheryl Burke performed a Quickstep to the theme from The Muppet Show and it was fun. The judges noticed a lot of poor footwork that I did not. Overall, Ryan appeared to be much more confident and comfortable. 24.

Diego, aka Jake T. Austin, got the boot. Not a big surprise. He wasn't great for TV theme week and didn't impress me much last week. We either didn't get to see his real personality, or his personality kind of sucks. America made the right call. 

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