Semi-finals night on Dancing with the Stars

Posted at 11:01 AM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 11:01:22-05

Semi-Finals night was no joke on Dancing with the Stars. All of the couples brought their A-game and beyond. Everybody performed once, then a second Trio Dance. The lowest score was a 26 and that was because of a slip. Competition is tight!

I don't know who James Hinchcliffe thinks he is, but for the love of it all, he rocked his Argentine Tango like no other. Sharna Burgess is back and she must be his good luck charm. These two have chemistry beyond compare. Their lifts were intricate and complicated, yet flawless. Not only was Sharna blindfolded for the entire performance, but James did a full-on handstand to finish it off. These 2 are unbelievable. 29.

Terra Jole’ was tasked with a Rumba this week. I had my doubts that she'd be able to pull it off, but boy did she ever prove me wrong. Her and Sasha Farber's interpretation was a little more tame than a typical Rumba. Less sexiness, more emotion. They danced to the song, "Scars to your Beautiful" about a girl who doesn't realize her beauty. Terra and Sasha lived their Rumba. It was beautiful. 30.   

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko had an action-packed Quickstep. All of the judges agreed that it was a "proper Quickstep". It was very good, but it didn't move me. Maybe that's the price they pay for going after Terra, I don't know. Regardless, the judges thought highly of it. 28.

Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lindsay Arnold ROCKED their Tango. It was fierce and their connection has never been stronger. Unfortunately, they had little misstep toward the end, otherwise, this would have been a perfect performance. 26.

Laurie Hernandez is beyond human. She lost her grandmother days before the show and came out and absolutely crushed her Foxtrot. It was truly unbelievable. She literally wiped away a tear in the middle of it, but remained poised and focused. She channeled all of her emotion into her performance and made it perfection. I might have a lump in my throat for the rest of the day. 30.

James and Sharna and Jenna teamed up for a Trio Jive. These 3 are a force to be reckoned with. They were so in sync it was sick. Their Jive was fierce. 30

Terra, Sasha, and Artem got together for a Trio Tango. Ms. Terra was intense! She has struggled with the "angrier" dances this season, but she nailed it this week. The choreography was fantastic and always made Terra the star of the show. She was awesome. 30.

I have never seen Jana more focused than she was during her Trio Paso Doble with Gleb and Alan. She brought serious passion to the ballroom and was able to pull it off without cracking a smile. So impressed with her this week. 30.

Calvin's Trio Salsa with Lindsay and Witney left me speechless. They said they had to do something the ballroom has ever seen and they delivered. It was hilarious to watch those 2 girls acting like pre-teens and Calvin is there so chill and collected. He barely batted an eyelash when the 3 10's were revealed. Go Calvin! 30!

And then there was Laurie and Val AND Maks, what a trio! They performed a Samba and I have never seen Laurie look as at home as she did performing this number. She was beyond her element, She should have gotten 11's! 30!

What a tough break at the end of the show to see that Terra got the boot. She is so full of life and dedication and passion, she will be missed. It's sad to see her go the week before the finals. There is no doubt in my mind that James and Laurie are making it to the Finals, but it's a complete toss-up whether Calvin or Jana goes next week. I adore them both, but there's something about Calvin that has me pulling for him. Tough decision, America!

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