Latin Night on Dancing with the Stars

Posted at 1:41 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 13:41:51-04

Latin night on Dancing with the Stars is usually a fun time with a party-like atmosphere, but there were a few rough practice sessions this week. This crew is already starting to separate the real good from the posers.

Jodie Sweetin has put a LOT of pressure on herself. It is week 2 and she's already storming out of the practice studio and crying in the bathroom! Keo Motsepe has his hands full! Sheesh! To her credit, I guess, she did crush her Samba! After watching her work it, you would have never guessed she was a blubbering mess! And Kimmie Gibbler in the audience?! Adorbs! 21

I could not take my eyes off of Marla Maples' legs during her Argentine Tango. She is exquisite! I find her mesmerizing on the dance floor. Gorgeous. 20, with a 6 from Len. Not sure why his feathers are so ruffled.

Geraldo Rivera. Uh... he kind of left me speechless. His character was "President Donald Trump" and added nothing. And his Trump impersonation is awful. Len called it "trumpery" which is a term I have not heard before. It means "showy but worthless." Good call, Len. My friend texted me when it aired and referred to Geraldo as "Gerar-obile". I agree with that assessment as well. He needs to go. 13 for a second week. Sorry, Edyta Sliwinska. Better luck with a partner next year.

Paige VanZant's Salsa was out of control! She is fantastic! The lifts were phenomenal! And all this while dancing with a troupe member, because Mark Ballas was injured during rehearsal! Wowzers! Paige is going places. 24!

Antonio Brown's Rumba was not the best I've ever seen. I can't put my finger on what it was lacking. He was fine, just not great.

He and Sharna Burgess have nice chemistry, so I hope they hang around for a while. 19 for Antonio, which was less than I expected. He will be bringing it next week. I have no doubt.

I love me some Kim Fields. It made me sad that she too cried during her rehearsals. It's week 2 people! Regardless, her Salsa was a blast, she appeared to have a ton of confidence and she was a joy to watch. Keep it up Kimmie! 19. She was robbed.

There was some feedback regarding Nyle DiMarco's Rumba that it was little too fast. I'm so fascinated by the fact that he's actually keeping time that I don't even care if he's being true to the style of dance. I'm captivated by him and love him. Carry on, Nyle! 20

Mischa Barton. Mischa Mischa Barton. She was definitely not feeling it during rehearsals this week. Artem Chigvintsev didn't think she was having fun and it was overwhelmingly apparent that she was not. It looked like she wanted to be anywhere but the dance floor. 15, so... she beat Geraldo...

Von Miller is not my favorite. His personality isn't shining through and his performance factor is lacking. Witney Carson has her work cut out for her. 20

Wanya Morris absolutely crushed his Salsa. It was so much fun and packed with content. Lindsay Arnold has got a winner on her hands! 24

Doug Flutie brought some serious fiercenss to his Paso Doble. He excelled at this style because it's less flowy and pretty and more powerful and sharp. Nailed it, Flutie! Karina Smirnoff choreographed a good one! 20

Ginger Zee's Samba was cute, but didn't pack a lot of punch. Her technique was on point, it just lacked some flavor. 21

Thank goodness my prayers were answered and Geraldo got the boot. I am usually thankful that DWTS allows the contestants two dances before giving one the boot, but I didn't need to see Geraldo twice. Promise. At this point, I'm feeling confident there's no coming back for Mischa Barton. Even if she can get over her "dance fright," the damage is done. 

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