JoJo hands out her final rose on The Bachelorette

Posted at 10:32 AM, Aug 02, 2016
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Does Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher have a type? 

Watching the finale of her season of The Bachelorette Monday night, the answer is pretty clearly yes. 

By the time the final rose was up for grabs, she had two men left-- Robby, a former competitive swimmer, and Jordan, a former pro football player whose estranged relationship with his famous quarterback brother Aaron generated much buzz throughout the season. 

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Two former athletes. No word on what they currently do for work, besides appear on reality dating shows. 

Ready to get engaged to one of the two ex-jocks in Thailand, JoJo first had to introduce them to her family. Those of us who watched Ben's season, on which JoJo was the runner up, remember her colorful relatives, including her overprotective brothers and mother who drank wine straight from the bottle. The Fletchers, sadly, were much more mellow this time around. 

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They met Jordan first, and much was made of the fact that he didn't ask for JoJo's hand in marriage. Robby, on the other hand, did, and gushed about how much he loved JoJo. 

While the Fletchers seemed to like Jordan, they absolutely adored Robby, and encouraged her to choose him, implying that he was less likely to break her heart. 

"Robby is more husband material," her mother told JoJo. 

On her last date with Robby, he reiterated how much he loves her, gave her pictures of them together and said he's ready to start a family immediately. ("Nine months plus when they get voices," he said, explaining how far off in the future he pictures their kids running around.) 

On her date with Jordan, though, things got tense as Jordan admitted he never asked for her father's blessing. JoJo reminded him they'd talked about that during their overnight fantasy suite date, and Jordan said that was important to him. 

So why didn't he do it? Jordan told JoJo he wasn't sure she was going to pick him in the end. Fair point. 

Jordan then called her parents and asked for their blessing to propose to their daughter, and wrote JoJo a letter explaining what he'd done. (They happily gave their endorsement.) 

And when Robby was the first to arrive on the beach to propose to JoJo, it was clear he was going home. Mainly because if you watch this show long enough, you know the person who arrives first is always the one who gets dumped. 

"I wanted it to be you," a sobbing JoJo told Robby. 

"I see," he said, probably wishing he could jump into the ocean and swim away. 

When Jordan arrived, he launched into a long speech, telling JoJo she inspires him to be the best version of himself and that he's going to choose her over and over and over again. She said she's been waiting a long time to tell him she loves him, and he got down on one knee and presented her with a Neil Lane sparkler. 

And it's happily ever after-- right? Well, for now. On the After the Final Rose special that followed the finale, JoJo was confronted by a still-sad Robby and the reality of tabloid rumors that Jordan is a cheater. JoJo told Robby that she did love him, but her heart was always with Jordan. Ouch. As if being dumped on national TV when you thought you were going to get engaged wasn't bad enough. 

The awkwardness continued, as host Chris Harrison brought up the rampant rumors that Jordan was insincere and not in it for the right reasons, then later asked if Aaron Rodgers was going to be at their wedding. 

JoJo kept insisting she's happy, but frankly, her facial expressions said otherwise.  Maybe she's just tired of the media attention, as she said. She and Jordan did say they are moving in together in Dallas, where she lives.

But then again, this show doesn't have the greatest track record, with many couples parting ways before ever making it down the aisle. 

Not ready for the drama to end? Then you're in luck, the third season of Bachelor in Paradise-- featuring castoffs from previous seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette-- debuts Tuesday night. Harrison promised it will be "a trainwreck of epic proportions." 

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