A night of famous dances on DWTS

Posted at 3:42 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 15:42:26-04

"Famous Dances" on Dancing with the Stars is usually a blast. This week's show was no different. There was a little rearranging of the leaderboard and we saw one star head home. Overall, it was an entertaining evening.

Kim Fields was a shining star during her Jive to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from "Hairspray". SO good it gave me chills. Sasha Farber nailed the choreography for this one. Such fun. 8s for Kim. When is she gonna get a 9 already?!

I wish Von Miller had had a little more rehearsal time for his Jazz to "Bad" by Michael Jackson. Witney Carson's choreography was on POINT, but Von was lacking in the confidence department. He really needed to punch things up a bit, but did do well. It's hard to explain. 32.

Jodie Sweetin's Contemporary to Pink's "Try" was so rousing, the crowd started clapping along to the beat, which was totally weird because it's not that kind of song. Jodie and Keo Motsepe were a very clearly defined team and they captured the essence of the performance perfectly. They really stepped things up this week. 25 for Jodie.

A little something you might not know about me, I love me some Austin Powers. It's unhealthy. Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas performed Jazz to the opening sequence from the movie. It was fabulous and they totally nailed the vibe. I ate up every last second of it. 28, with a 10 from Len!

Another deep dark secret of mine... I also love "The Mask" with Jim Carey. I'm starting to think that Nyle DiMarco is superhuman because his Quickstep to the dance from "The Mask" with Peta Murgatroyd was pretty unbelievable. I did however, for the first time, see that he fell out of sync a couple times, which is understandable, but slightly shocking because he's been so good. 25 for Nyle. He dropped a little.

Super cute Ginger Zee had the privilege of dancing to "Nasty Boys" by Janet Jackson. Val Chmerkovskiy's choreography was fantastic, but Ginger was not able to channel her inner-Janet. It needed more attitude. Ginger is far to sunny to be hanging with those nasty boys. 32. I think this is just the kick in the pants she needs to up her game. You got this, Ginger!

I'm comin' around on Doug Flutie and I'll tell you why. He's not a good dancer. He can get all the moves and do them, he just doesn't have the polish or finesse of the other dancers. But he has so much heart. He performed a Bollywood-style dance. He was not fantastic, but deserved a 10 for effort. Go get'em Doug. 21.

Wanya Morris crushed. He absolutely crushed his tribute to N'Sync's MTV VMA award performance of "Bye Bye Bye". It was out of control. I cannot believe the moves he was capable of. Wanya is not a small man and he was beyond committed. Lindsay Arnold kicked her choreography up to the highest level. Wowzers. Go Wanya! 29.

Um, Antonio Brown also upped his game BIG time this week. He and Sharna Burgess did a "Footloose"-inspired Jive and knocked it out of the park. He was laser-focused and it paid off big time. 27, his best score of the season.

So I finally come around on Doug Flutie and he gets the boot. What gives? I'm happy he left on such a high note, though. His dedication to the Bollywood dance was endearing. Way to go, Doug! Now get some rest. Team Dances next week! Yahoo!

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