Dancing with the Stars season premiere recap

Posted at 11:47 AM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 11:47:12-04

I don't understand why Dancing with the Stars hates me! It premiered during what turned out to be pretty busy week at work. Took me 3 days to get through it, but OH was it worth it! This season is going to rock. A great cast of characters with some pretty decent dance skills are sure to keep things interesting!

Kim Fields, who I will most likely be referring to as Tootie occasionally, was flipping fantastic. I loved her and her Cha Cha. She has personality plus and has got some moves. She's my early favorite. 20

I love Paige VanZant out of the gate because she is not afraid to lay the smack down on her partner, Mark Ballas. She NAILED her Foxtrot. As far as I could tell, the choreography was not so easy and she was super graceful and appeared comfortable on the dance floor. Winning, Paige. Winning. 21

Doug Flutie is going to need some work. He hasn't got the flow down just yet. His Foxtrot was lacking some finesse, but I expect him to make it another round. 15

Jodie Sweetin did not look very comfortable during her Tango. She had a weird fake smile thing going on. Carrie Ann Inaba said it took away from the overall performance and she's right. The judges said she did really well, but I was too distracted by her teeth to notice! 20

Breaking News. Geraldo Rivera is 72! Did you know that? I did not know that. And he said he's the only Puerto Rican in the U.S. who can't dance and he's right! Yikes. Dude is stiff as a board. He has a million dollar smile, but that's about it. So sad that Edyta Sliwinska is his partner. It's so good to have her back and yet I'm pretty sure they're not going to last. 13 for his final score. That might have been too generous. Eek. 

Marla Maples' Quickstep was a delight! She's adorable and completely at home on the dance floor! She is 52 and fabulous! 21

Things I said out loud while watching Wanya Morris perform his Cha Cha with Lindsay Arnold: "Wha?" "Stop it!" "Get. OUT!" He was fantastic! He nailed all the moves and did it with style and finesse! Love him! 23! 

Ginger Zee tackled her Jive with a lot of energy and a lot of personality. She is a load of fun! She's lacking in polish a bit, but I have no doubt she will improve by leaps and bounds. Go Ginger go! 23

Dancing comes naturally for some and not so naturally for others. Mischa Barton did not look completely at ease on the dance floor. It was apparent that she is not a natural dancer. She has a fire, though. You can see it. She'll be back for more. 16

So, I knew nothing about Nyle DiMarco coming into this. Turns out he's deaf, profoundly deaf. Like, he can't hear anything. Watching him tear up that dance floor was UNBELIEVABLE. I was expecting him to go off-beat. Didn't happen. I was expecting him to be on "okay" dancer. He was fantastic. Not only did he NOT go off beat, he was really, really good. Like, one of the best I've seen on a premiere night. Consider my jaw dropped, folks. Yowza. 23.

Disclaimer: I am anti-Pittsburgh Steelers. I just am. I do not however, hold that against contestants who happen to be Steelers. Antonio Brown was super charming on the dance floor. He's like a kid on Christmas morning. His gigantic smile took his Quickstep to a whole new level. Adorbs. I'm a fan, okay? I'm a fan. 21

Von Miller was slightly underwhelming. His Foxtrot was rather reserved. It looked like he was going through the motions but not really feeling the dance. I expect him to turn things around, though. 21

Bottom line, I was pleasantly surprised by most of the dancing I saw on Night 1. I expect Nyle DiMarco to make it to the finals and I expect Geraldo to get the boot in the first elimination. I am excited about what this season has to offer! Bring it, DWTS!

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