Chad resorts to violence on latest episode of The Bachelorette

Posted at 1:09 PM, Jun 07, 2016

There was more violence on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette than in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

(I would know—I was switching back and forth between both programs. Go Pens!)

But seriously—I’ve been watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for a long time, so I expect the verbal taunts and manipulations that go along with a reality dating show that puts 25 men or women in the same house, dating the same person.

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Obviously, stuff is going to go down. But this mess with Chad, a luxury real estate salesman from Oklahoma, is on a whole new level.

At least half of the episode was focused on Chad and the escalating friction between him and most of the other men vying for Bachelorette JoJo’s affections. Chad has so far been portrayed as a total meathead on the show, talking constantly about lifting weights, eating all the free meat the Bachelor Mansion has to offer and putting down the other contestants (especially if they’re on the shorter side).

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On Monday, the tension between Chad and Evan, an erectile dysfunction specialist from Nashville, erupted during a group date in which the guys had to get on stage and talk about their most embarrassing sexual mishaps.

“That’s just like another day at the office,” Evan quipped.

To needle Chad, Evan instead went on a rant about the dangers of using steroids. Several of the men have accused 6’4, 275-pound Chad, with his cartoon-like muscles, of steroid use.

Chad glared at him from the audience, and when Evan returned to his seat, Chad shoved him and ripped his shirt. He then got up on stage and tried to kiss JoJo, who rebuffed his advances.

Humiliated, he punched a door and bloodied his knuckles, and announced if he couldn’t lift weights, he’d kill someone. (Way to prove there’s no ‘roid rage going on.)

Also, the mansion apparently has a security guard watching over Chad, but it’s unclear if he’s there because Chad is a loose cannon, or if there is always a guard present.

It was all very troubling and I can’t wait until JoJo sends him home, which I have a feeling is coming in tonight’s episode. Yes, we’re in for back-to-back episodes of The Bachelorette this week, so we don’t have to wait until next Monday to find out if Chad assaults someone else.

JoJo did go on two one-on-one dates this episode in addition to the group date mess. She and Chase went to a hot yoga studio, where they had “anger-gasms,” which apparently is something different from what Chad has every episode. Apparently it’s writhing around on your yoga mat screaming. All right. I’ve done some yoga before, and that’s all new to me.

One small observation—despite the fact that it was HOT YOGA, which routinely reaches 105 degrees, neither JoJo nor Chase looked particularly sweaty. How? Share your secrets!

JoJo also went on a fairly boring one-on-one with singer-songwriter James Taylor (not the famous one who was married to Carly Simon), and he got a rose, so I guess she was more interested in the date than I was. I truly can’t remember one thing about it. Maybe that’s when I switched to the Penguins-Sharks game.

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