Bachelor Breakdown: And then there were six

Posted: 12:17 PM, Feb 09, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-09 12:17:59-05
Bachelor Breakdown: And then there were six
Bachelor Breakdown: And then there were six
Bachelor Breakdown: And then there were six

And then there were six.

The sixth installment of the 20th season of The Bachelor ended with a half-dozen girls standing—and plenty of tears and drama along the way.

The episode opened with a rose ceremony, and Jen, one of the only brunettes left, was sent home. Which wasn’t too surprising, as she never received much attention from Bachelor Ben.

After that concluded, Ben announced he and the remaining women were heading to the Bahamas. Cheers erupted. The Bahamas are so romantic, said one of the girls (possibly Becca).

Do they ever travel places that contestants DON’T say are totally romantic?

Caila got the first one-on-one date in the Bahamas, which upset Leah—thus far one of the quieter contestants this season—because Caila already had a one-on-one a few weeks ago.

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“I look like a total fool. I don’t know why I’m even here,” Leah sobbed to the cameras.

Ben took Caila deep-sea fishing and then the two shared an intimate dinner, during which Cailia told Ben she thinks she loves him, but is afraid she can’t completely fall in love and will end up hurting him.

“I’m a confusing person,” she said.

No kidding.

She got a rose, but I think that’s because Ben was just too mystified by what she was saying and handing over a rose was the easiest thing to do.

Next up was a group date where the ladies swam with pigs in the ocean, feeding them hot dogs (made of chicken, Ben was quick to point out. No swine cannibalism here!) Ben’s obvious connection with frontrunner Lauren B., though, irked the other girls, especially Leah.

Later, Leah cornered Ben, telling him Lauren is two-faced. It came completely out of nowhere, as Lauren B. seems to be well-liked by both Ben and the other women.

Afterwards, Ben repeated Leah’s comments to Lauren, but didn’t say who threw her under the bus—and Leah denied doing so when Lauren cried about it to the girls.

It all backfired anyway for Leah, when she visited Ben in his hotel room and he sent her home, saying the sparks were few and far between.

Next up was the dreaded two-on-one date, with sworn enemies Olivia and Emily. You’ll remember this is Emily’s second two-on-one of the season, the first being with her identical twin, Haley, who was kicked off at the end of that date.

Olivia, whose brash confidence and foot-in-mouth moments pitted her against the other women, used the date to attempt to impress Ben with her depth. Intellectual conversations “are my jam,” she told him.

He wasn’t convinced, and he declined to give her the rose, leaving her standing alone on the beach in what appeared to be a nasty storm.

Olivia wasn’t the last departure of the evening, though. The episode concluded with a rose ceremony, and the only other remaining Lauren, kindergarten teacher Lauren H., was sent home.

The journey continues next week with Caila, JoJo, Amanda, Lauren B., Becca and Emily.