The Bachelor: The ladies on Women Tell All

Posted at 2:44 PM, Mar 08, 2016
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The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor—when all of the leading man’s jilted lovers get together and dish on the season—delved into some serious territory Monday night, with conversations about race and cyberbullying taking center stage.

But there were plenty of lighthearted moments and some downright odd ones, such as when a Bachelor super fan emerged from the audience and showed off a tattoo he’d gotten of contestant Lace’s face.

That couldn’t be real, right?

We learned that Bachelor Ben Higgins is engaged and wants to get married tomorrow, although we saw on last week’s episode that he told both of the final two women that he’s in love with them. (Oops.)

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Tierra, a “chicken enthusiast” and Blake Lively look alike, brought her pet chicken Sheila to the set. Seeing as Tierra was eliminated on the first night of the show and said almost nothing during Women Tell All, I’m guessing she and the bird were there to provide comic relief. Which happened when poor, annoyed Sheila attempted to fly off into the audience.

The drama began early, when contestant Jubilee, an Army sergeant, war veteran and native of Haiti, was called out for allegedly telling two other biracial contestants that she was the only real black girl. She maintained she didn’t understand why that was offensive, as others rolled their eyes. She also defended comments she made about not wanting to go on a one-on-one date with Ben.

“I’m a little different,” Jubilee said.

In the “hot seat” with host Chris Harrison, Jubilee said she still feels that she is a hard person to love. Harrison reminded her that Ben saw something special in her, even though he sent her home.  

I suspect she didn’t respond well to the environment of The Bachelor, much like Lace and Olivia, two other women spotlighted on Women Tell All.

Lace, who’s mostly remembered for getting hammered and telling Ben repeatedly that she isn’t crazy, said she cringes watching episodes of the show and is learning to listen to others more. Oh, and she no longer uses the word crazy when it comes to potential love interests, she told Harrison.

She also was a good sport when the super fan/stalker came on stage to show off his Lace tattoo. Which was still super creepy.

Olivia, who pretty much was this season’s most hated contestant, was in the hot seat for the longest. She tried to defend herself against comments she made about being smarter than the other women and calling single mom Amanda “Teen Mom.” Not everyone was buying it.

“If you got off your high horse, you’d realize we read books and like to talk smart things, too,” contestant Jennifer said, a reference to Olivia’s infamous “I like to talk smart things” comment.

I actually felt pretty bad for Olivia when she talked about being bullied as a child, and said the nastiness on social media has become so overwhelming that she’s turned control of her accounts over to her sister. She compared herself to Jubilee, saying her introverted personality was no match for the Bachelor Mansion, and she wished she’d acted differently.

“I didn’t do it right,” she said.

Women Tell All really glossed over the situation with Leah, whom Ben sent home after she made a last-ditch effort to throw frontrunner Lauren under the bus with comments about how she was two-faced. A few of the women accused Leah of being a liar, but that was it. I have a feeling we’ll see more of her on this summer’s Bachelor In Paradise, the annual trainwreck that begins airing after The Bachelorette ends in August.

Speaking of that, Caila, who was kicked off the show after spending the night with Ben in the fantasy suite last week, could be the next Bachelorette, though nothing has been confirmed by the show. She confessed to Harrison that she still loves Ben, but watching the show and seeing how he is with the final two women, JoJo and Lauren, made her feel better about the outcome.

“I want someone to look at me that way,” she said.

Pretty sure that’ll be the tagline of her season of The Bachelorette.

If she is indeed named the next Bachelorette, she’ll have a shot at dating Aaron Rodger’s brother. According to our sister station in Milwaukee, the next season will include former pro football player Jordan Rodgers.

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