Bachelor Breakdown: So much awkwardness on the latest episode of The Bachelor

Posted at 3:59 PM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 18:34:15-05

Do you ever get secondhand embarrassment when watching reality TV?

I did on Monday night when I watched the second episode of Nick's season of The Bachelor. (And it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, sooooo .... good job, producers.)

The episode started with a wedding-themed group date. (If you were playing a Bachelor-themed drinking game, I feel like you needed to take a shot or two. OF COURSE there was a wedding-themed date). The women on the date dressed up as brides according to various themes-- cowgirl bride, beach bride, etc., and took bridal photos with the groom, Nick.

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Things heated up when beach bride Corinne-- already the season's villain-- jumped into the pool with Nick, ripped off her bikini top and placed Nick's hands on her breasts while the other women looked on in horror.

But she got the group date rose.

"I love how you take the initiative," Nick said.

I guess you could call it that?

Later, on the same date, Corinne interrupted the other ladies' one-on-one time with the Bachelor, a big faux pas, and got into an argument with Johns Hopkins grad and mental health counselor Taylor about it. Then she reminded everyone else that "things are gonna get weird."

"You're going to make your friends uncomfortable, you're going to make your non-friends uncomfortable," she said.

You're going to make bloggers watching it at home uncomfortable.....

Next up was a one-on-one date with sweet neonatal nurse Danielle M., and again, if you're playing a Bachelor drinking game, you're probably wasted by now. Helicopter ride? Check. Yacht? Check. Hot tub? Check. Tragic sob story? Check! Danielle confided that she was engaged before, but her fiance died of an overdose. Which is very sad, and I'm not trying to make light of it. But it's basically a rule that at least one contestant will have a heartbreaking back story, and it will get brought up early in the season for tears and drama and ratings.

She got the rose on that date.

On the second group date of the evening, Nick and several of the women went to the Museum of Broken Relationships in L.A. Wow, romantic! Nick even snuck in the engagement ring he was going to give to former Bachelorette Kaitlyn on her season before she sent him home. It was very pretty and sparkly.

This was a really bizarre date, but it was also one of the more interesting ones I've ever seen on the show. Each of the women had to pretend to breakup with Nick as some sort of odd performance art.  Some were quite convincing! Especially Liz, but there was a reason for that.

Liz showed up on the season premiere having already slept with Nick. She's the best friend of Bachelor alum Jade, and met Nick at Jade's wedding to her husband Tolbert (another Bachelor Nation veteran). Before the group date, she confided in fellow contestant Christan that she and Nick had a history-- but no one else knew.

In her "break up" with Nick, Liz outlined her feelings on their one-night stand, as the other women looked impressed with Liz's so-called acting ability.

"She really went into a lot of detail!" one of them said.

"It was a little bit uncomfortable," Nick told the camera.

The episode ended with Nick sending Liz home, and telling the others on the group date that he already knew her in the biblical sense.

We'll get to see more of their reactions next week. And as for Liz, I have a feeling we'll be seeing her this summer on Bachelor In Paradise. Hey, that's where Jade met Tanner, so Liz could still have a rosy future ahead of her!

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