Catty behavior on latest Bachelor episode

Posted at 12:30 PM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 12:30:06-05

The claws came out on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, and it was at times painful to watch.

We saw a group of jealous contestants talk trash about Olivia, a show villain and front runner for Bachelor Ben Higgins’ heart, for allegedly having ugly toes and horrible breath.

And we saw other ladies gang up on Jubilee, a 23-year-old war veteran and Haitian immigrant who received the second one-on-one date of the evening, for her so-called bad attitude.

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“Ben wants a wife who can get along with other soccer moms,” one of the many blonde Laurens sniped.

The latter incident left Jubilee sobbing in the bathroom, while Ben attempted to comfort her.

Let’s be honest, the show doesn’t always portray women (or men) in the best light anyway. The women last night came off as catty, jealous and insecure—every negative stereotype possible.

I hope they are better than that, and what viewers are seeing is just a lot of producer manipulation.

Episode 3 began with a one-on-one date between Ben and Lauren B., a petite blonde flight attendant from California. She expressed reservations about getting in the admittedly small plane, which was curious considering what she does for a living. The couple flew over the Bachelor Mansion, prompting some squeals of envy from the other contestants, then landed in literally the middle of nowhere, where a hot tub was awaiting them.

I mean, it’s The Bachelor, you’ve got to have at least two hot tubs per episode, right? Even when it makes ZERO SENSE.

But Ben and Lauren B. are adorable together, and she got a rose. Their chemistry seems authentic. I think she’s going to go far.

Next came a fairly forgettable group date in which two groups of women played soccer (Bachelor fans will recall the same date was staged two years ago when Juan Pablo, a professional soccer player, was the Bachelor). Just like that date, the losing team was sent back to the mansion while the winners got to spend more time with Ben.

Jubilee’s one-on-one—which also involved flying, this time in a helicopter -- got off to an awkward start when she balked at the chopper and sarcastically said one of the other ladies could go on her date. Some of the other contestants complained she was being disrespectful. I think they just didn’t get her sense of humor.

Ben and Jubilee flew off to another hot tub (obviously), where she opened up to him about her tough past. She is the only living member of her family, and has a lot of guilt over that, she told him.

Ben, who seems impressed by her depth and strong personality, gives her the rose. The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise has frequently been criticized for not having enough minority contestants, and it’s refreshing to see what appears to be a real connection between Ben and Jubilee, who is black.

But then things got thorny back at the mansion for the cocktail party, where Ben learns two family friends died in a plane crash. Olivia decides to corner him and unload her body insecurities on him (such impeccable timing), while other women confront Jubilee over her perceived lack of excitement over her one-on-one. It was all ridiculous, and I think Ben could see that.  

Missing from most of the episode was loose cannon Lace, best known for getting drunk on the first episode and repeatedly telling Ben she wasn’t crazy on the second. Toward the end of this episode, she pulled Ben aside and told him she was leaving to work on herself. Good call.

At the rose ceremony, Ben sent home Russia native Shushanna and Jami, who ranted that she’ll never meet anyone and will just become a cat lady.

I would suggest she try first.