Comic-Con artist swaps drawings for kids' monsters

Artist swaps drawings for kids' monsters
Artist swaps drawings for kids' monsters
Artist swaps drawings for kids' monsters
Posted at 7:08 PM, Sep 04, 2016

Baltimore Comic-Con is a weekend of costumes, superheroes, and above all, comics. 

For fans and artists alike, it's the comics that draws them to the event. 

"When I first decided to be a comic book artist, in my mind I would be stuck in my basement talking over the phone to my editor in New York maybe once a week and that would be my social moment," Yanik Paquette said. "No idea that the comic book convention world would expand like this."

Paquette has been in the comic industry for 20 years, but it was his first time at Baltimore Comic-Con and he made it a special day for two of his youngest fans. 

Seven-year-olds Eleanor and Max stopped by his booth with their fathers looking for an original drawing. Paquette, with an already full commission list, obliged, but with a cost. 

Max and Eleanor each had to draw a monster and in exchange Paquette would draw their favorite characters - Wonder Woman for Eleanor and Batman for Max. 

In fact, it's something Paquette likes to do at shows to keep the kids engaged.

 "I have a huge collection of drawings and I'm always asking for monsters because it isn't as scary for them to draw," he said.

Paquette said he came up with the idea when he saw a bored child with his father at a show. He said it likes to get the kids involved and using their creativity. 

"They come out with a good memory and I'm coming out with a cool monster sketch," he said.

After Sunday, he has two more sketches to add to his collection. He said one day he'll share the monsters on social media.