Artist Sara Richard talks women in comics

Posted at 5:48 PM, Sep 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-27 17:48:50-04

If women aren't evenly represented in the comic industry, Sara Richard doesn't feel it.

Richard currently works for IDW where she does illustration for My Little Pony. She's been drawing and going to conventions for a long time, but really started focusing on art as a career in the past five years.

"Since I started doing covers for the comics and I'm starting to kind of get a little bit of a fan base, it's been really cool," Richard said.

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She said she feels the comic industry has come a long way in offering opportunities to women, even in the past few years.

"Now it's becoming a lot more split," Richard said."I feel like I was kind of at a tail end where it was a lot of guys, but in the past five years it's become almost pretty evenly split."

When she goes to shows, Richard said it's not like she feels like a novelty because of her gender. Both women and men are pursuing her line of work.

"This is 2015, so it's come a long way since like the 60s where yes, it was pretty crazy to have a girl in comics," Richard said.

Something she is a little hesitant to take part in is dedicated women in comics panels.

"As long as you perpetuate that this is a thing, it's going to be a thing. Just invite female creators onto your comics creators panel," Richard said.

She added that dedicated women's panels do serve a purpose, however, especially for women and girls who are looking for a community of women to share comics with or are more comfortable trying to break into the industry by asking other women how they did it.

"Editors are really open to seeing new styles come in, and a lot of female creators have some pretty unique styles coming in," Richard said.