Britney Spears apologizes for pretending to be OK in 1st post since addressing court

Britney Spears
Posted at 1:35 PM, Jun 25, 2021

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — In her first Instagram post since addressing a court over her conservatorship, Britney Spears apologized to her fans for "pretending" to be OK.

“I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me… but honestly who doesn’t want to capture their Instagram in a fun light,” wrote the pop star in her post on Thursday.

Spears said she wanted to let her fans in on a secret that her life isn’t a fairytale, despite her posts that make it look “pretty amazing.”

“I’m bringing this to people's attention because I don’t want people to think my life is perfect because IT’S DEFINITELY NOT AT ALL … and if you have read anything about me in the news this week… you obviously really know now it’s not !!!!” wrote Spears.

Over the past several years, Spears has used her Instagram page to express herself and post silly videos. This most recent post marks a shift in that, opening up about the family and legal issues she’s facing.

On Wednesday, the singer asked a Los Angeles judge to end the court conservatorship that has controlled her life and her estate for about the last 13 years. The conservatorship restricts Spears' ability to make her own business deals, medical decisions, and even see her sons.

During her remarks, Spears said she felt forced to go on tour in 2018 and to perform in Las Vegas. After announcing her hiatus from her Vegas residency, Spears told the court she was put on Lithium against her will. She said being on the medication left her feeling "drunk, I couldn't even have a conversation with my mom or dad about anything."

Among other things, Spears also told the court that she would like to get married to her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and have more children. However, she says her conservatorship is preventing her from removing her IUD birth control device.