3 Ways to Cure the Post Binge Watching Blues

Posted at 7:37 PM, Apr 19, 2016

Binge watching a show is something that most of us are willing to admit, but a new phenomenon is sprouting up from this TV trend, that has people feeling down in the dumps after their favorite show is over. It's called the post binge watching blues! Yes, it’s a real thing. The List’s Teresa Strasser and Dr. Karen Jacobson with three ways to cure this feeling of sadness.


1.  Change Things Up

First thing you should do is pick another show, and you'll find something else to focus on, which might be a different character or a different genre. Maybe it's not Breaking Bad, maybe it's Fuller House or something that's a little bit of a different energy.


2.  Binge Watch with a Friend

Obviously misery loves company. Bring a friend along and watch the show all over again. Do that whole session and then you can talk about it and help each other get through it.


3.  Build a Community

Start a fan club, whether it's on Facebook or start a chat room and bring in other people who love the show. Now you're creating new friendships.


That’s three ways to cure the post binge watching blues.


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