TSA's list of confiscated items for 2014 includes over 700 stun guns and a hundred grenades

Posted at 11:53 AM, Dec 23, 2014

Santa doesn't have to do security lines because he never flies commercial. 

But most people who take flight wind up in a TSA screening line.  And every year, thousands get caught trying to board a plane with an amazing array of guns, knives, stun guns, explosives or things that look like explosives, and even more exotic weaponry.

As of December 19, the agency confiscated over 2,100 guns, 1,700 of them loaded, as well as over 700 stun guns, many of them disguised as mobile phones. Here's a photographic roundup of some of the more unique items seized so far this year.

Five explosive detection training kits:

One inert missile warhead:


Two inactive land mines:



Four animal repellents:



118 hand grenades or smoke grenades, most unarmed:



21 sword canes:



Seven artillery or mortar shells:



Eight lipstick knives:



Three spear guns:



One knife inside an enchilada:



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