Savvy grocery shoppers combine multiple discount opportunities to save money

Shoppers maximize savings on food and gas
Posted at 5:00 AM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 09:15:47-04

TOWSON, Md. — People are looking to save money any way they can, especially on basic necessities like food for the table and fuel for their cars.

Grocery shopping with a club card is one way savvy shoppers can save on both food and gas at their favorite store.

Loyalty cards and rewards points as well as signing up for email alerts and digital coupons are all ways to save money.

Shoppers should take advantage of each and every opportunity to save, as passing on any of those discounts is money which could stay in their pocket.

When it comes to grocery shopping, everyone likes a bargain but not everyone likes to clip coupons, especially busy shoppers like Tracy Ege.

“Because I don’t have enough time. You know, working in real estate and I work at a gym, I’m a mom, a wife, so keeping the house together, my days just fly by,” Ege said.

Meisha recently signed up for a Weis Markets club card “money is being pulled in different areas. A little bit more now, such as gas prices, so I’m trying to save a little bit more, trying to budget a little bit more.”

Budget-conscious shoppers should look for deals wherever and however they can get them.

Weis Markets spokesperson Jaime Hynoski said “there are a lot of ways to save when you’re shopping at Weis Markets. One of those is with your Club Card. So, if you are shopping in Weis Markets and you spend $100, every $100 you spend, you get 10 cents off a gallon a gas.”

“I live in Harford County. So, I drive to work down here in Towson. I go through gas. I have to fill up my tank twice a week and it cost me about $85, each time to fill my tank. So, one reason why I go to Weis is because they have a Weis card and you can use your points towards gas,” Ege said.

Loyalty cards, rewards points, email alerts, and digital coupons are all ways to save. Savvy shoppers will want to use them all.

“I went ahead and signed up for the club membership. I’m here pretty often. So, I see the increase in prices, for the produce, which is what I get from here all the time. So, I went ahead and signed up for the membership,” Meisha said.

“There’s always stuff on sale, and it’s always stuff that you need. It’s like the basic stuff like vegetables, and fruit, and meat, and stuff like that, and so it does help,” Ege said.

Each swipe of a Weis Club Card racks up into savings on both gas and groceries.

“Walking around the store you’ll see that there are ad specials, so we have those weekly and monthly, and that is in print and digital,” Hynoski said.

“You can get a get a dollar I think off the milk, Weis brand milk, and their eggs, and any other stuff that’s on sale. You’ll get a discount off. So, every time I come, I save about $30 or so,” Ege said.

Anyone who’s not a fan of clipping coupons from a newspaper, try clicking digital coupons from a store's app or website instead.

“It loads to your card and then when you purchase that product, the coupon offer comes off at the register,” Hynoski said.

Shoppers should also open emails from their favorite stores.

“It’s crazy how they know it’s like exactly what you get all the time, so you’ll get a coupon book with 25 cents off 75 cents off just like stuff you buy all the time so that helps a lot too,” Ege said.

Sticking with a plan by making a list and only putting in a cart those items that are on sale, have a digital coupon, or offer rewards can add up to big savings at checkout.

“Being a little bit more strategic, a little bit smarter with where I spend my money,” Meisha said.

Many gas stations partner with supermarket chains to offer gas rewards.

At Weis, shoppers can cash in their savings at the pump at Weis Gas'n Go or Sunoco stations.

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Harris Teeter Fuel Points

Safeway gas rewards

Exxon gas station grocery rewards

Shell gas station grocery rewards

Sunoco gas station grocery rewards

Drivers also can save on gas with other membership rewards.

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