Are you an undecided voter?

Tell us why!
Posted at 2:03 PM, Sep 09, 2016

After more than a year of campaigning and debates and constant political coverage on every screen and front page, you may be wondering, what more does a voter need to make a decision? 

Depending on which poll you read, there are still about 7% of voters who have not yet made up their minds. According to pollster Frank Luntz, “They deeply dislike Donald Trump, and they deeply dislike Hillary Clinton.” And in a close election, these voters could decide the result.

Now, some of the people who tell pollsters they are undecided are actually never going to vote – they don’t care about the campaign, they aren’t dialed in and they are never going to be. But others are paying close attention and they don’t like what they see.

The profile of these undecided voters is “primarily independent, younger and strongly aligned against both politicians,” according to a Politico review of polling data. And it will take a lot of work by both Trump and Clinton to win these voters over. Politico’s analysis found that among undecided voters:

  • Only 5 percent said they had a favorable opinion of Clinton
  • Only 3 percent said they have a favorable impression of Trump.

What will it take to sway these voters in the closing weeks of the campaign? That’s what we want to know.  We are on a hunt for undecided voters – not the ones who don’t care, but the ones still looking for something that will push them into one candidate’s camp or the other’s. If you are undecided, email us at, and tell us why you are undecided.