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Toys to boost the mind and body

Posted at 3:14 PM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 17:42:38-04

TOWSON, Md. — The holiday shopping season is starting earlier this year, and to help with some options on what to pick, we went to the Toy Insider herself for some ideas.

Laurie Schacht suggested some that will help boost the body and the mind Her picks include the 'Laser X Revolution,' an at-home laser tag game that talks to players, telling them to get up and move.

For younger kids she suggests The ‘Up, In And Over Energetic Elephant Bouncer’.

It’s just over six and a half feet tall and can hold children up to 120 pounds.

There’s also a talking truck she suggests that not only gets kids up, but also teaches an important message.

"Kids are going to get a lesson in social responsibility and recycling with the Real Rigs Recycling Truck,” said Schacht. “This is by Kid Trax, kids ride on it, and there are over 100 different phrases that they'll hear from their rig as they cruise along at 1.5 miles an hour. It also comes with nine different things that kids collect, sort, and recycle. So they get to practice just like mom and dad when they watch parents recycling at home, now kids can do it."

For toys to sharpen the mind, she first suggested something simple for younger children. ‘Hand2Mind’ is selling ‘Sensory Fidget Tubes.’

The company says the movement patterns can help keep the focus of younger children, as well as help them manage their emotions and practice quiet and calm engagement. Another is a group game, and Schacht says it will turn your world upside down.

"This is our upside down challenge, and essentially it's all about these goggles,” said Schacht. “You put these on and your entire world is upside down. Now you have to try and do challenges like write your name on a piece of paper, connect four dots, or pour some water into a bucket. It sounds like nothing, it is very challenging and I promise you your friends are going to get a kick out of watching you try it."

A third product lets children make their own bedtime stories. The ‘Story Magic Storybook Maker’ comes with markers, stencils, and a story wheel to help with your child’s imagination.