Resurgence in Space Toys

Posted at 5:30 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 17:42:36-05

BALTIMORE, MD — The Perseverance Rover landing on mars last month has been a boost for science lovers and explorers everywhere.

It's also pushing a resurgence in science and space-related toys. We spoke with toy insider Laurie Schacht about the toys she's seeing companies roll out. One is the circuit explorer deluxe base edition. It focuses on space and basic circuitry, teaching kids how to make their toys light up.

“The base camp includes everything kids need to build their perseverance rover, everything else, and they're going to build their communications station, “said Schacht. “But to do it, to make everything work, they have to connect all of the circuitry together, and then we're going to see our rover go, and we're going to see our communication tower spin.” Another is a more family-oriented toy. It's called Apollo, and it's a cooperative board game where your mission is to get to the moon and back.

“Everyone has to work together to deal with the different flight stages, repair things that happen on the ship, and what's really interesting is that everything in this game came from data from these missions. “

Other toys Laurie shared include the Crayola STEAM-based science kit, where kids learn about planets, stars, and other pieces of astronomy by creating a replica solar system.