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Walmart invests in Baltimore County skincare company

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 17:59:15-04

If you don’t know about Shea Olein, you’re about to.

Shea Olein was one of hundreds of companies chosen to attend the fifth annual Walmart Investing in American Jobs Open Call event. The event was a two-day process of entrepreneurs pitching their product to Walmart buyers.

“The experience was inspiring and motivational. You are around other people who realize, we are a few of people who want to be here. We are in the room and in the building meeting, people who are doing what we are doing and they are successful at it. You recognize your success just being here,” explained Grand Ambassador of Shea Olein, Yoenna Ambrose.

A success they are. After the company pitched the scent full products, the investors were hypnotized and wanted more. To those involved, this local business represents the Baltimore County community, their mission of building up clientele, and educating others about skincare.

“Shea Olein is an all-natural organic skincare product not like anything on the market because we are making natural normal,” explained Ambrose.

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The company's natural journey began with soap.  They had 12 “flavors” of certified organic ingredient bar soap, and since then their brand has expanded.

“We offer a great line of natural soaps, body wash, lotion, and whipped shea butter, but all in affordable prices,” described Ambrose.

Shea Olein does not blend parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, synthetic color, and diethanolamine (DEA) in their products. Their various lotions are dripping with argan oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and many more natural ingredients.

The company recognizes how expensive organic products can be because of the natural ingredients, but that is not the case for Shea Olein. They claim they have the lowest price in the market.
And after years of hard work and taking risks, the company is going to be on the same shelves as other iconic skincare products.

“The goal was always to go to Walmart because everyone will have access to Walmart” explained Saisul Islam, CEO of Shea Olein.

Their products have repaired and protected the skin of Baltimore County users for around two years, and now Shea Olein can be bought on the shelves of Walmart in 4-6 weeks.