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Heart-Shaped Raspberry And White Chocolate Bombs Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Heart-Shaped Raspberry And White Chocolate Bombs Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day
Posted at 3:50 PM, Jan 06, 2021

If you enjoyed a hot cocoa bomb during the holidays, you know they’re both fun and delicious. And if you haven’t had one, don’t worry — you don’t have to wait for the next holiday season because Target is selling these goodies for Valentine’s Day!

The Favorite Day Raspberry White Chocolate Bomb costs $2.99 and in addition to being pink, heart-shaped and raspberry-flavored, it’s also filled with mini marshmallows and red confetti hearts!

Made from pink-tinted white chocolate and raspberry flavoring, the little heart becomes a sweet drink when you drop it into 12 ounces of hot milk and slowly stir. No need to break it apart, as the mini marshmallows and confetti hearts will pop to the top.


Although there are still several weeks until Valentine’s Day, there are already plenty of other treats you can buy if you just can’t wait to eat something sweet.

New this year from Hershey’s are Cookies ‘N’ Creme Hearts, which are offered alongside the returning Valentine’s Day candies, Hershey’s Kisses Meltaway Roses. These decadent Kisses are wrapped in a red rose-covered foil and have a creamy chocolate inside each Kiss.


Reese’s also has some new offerings for anyone who finds chocolate and peanut butter to be a perfect match: White Creme Hearts and Blossom-top Miniature Cups. The White Creme Hearts have peanut butter coated in white creme while the mini cups are just like regular Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups but with a light pink creme layer on top.

If you’d rather give something more unique this year, you can swap out a traditional floral bouquet for a doughnut bouquet from Harry & David. The doughnut bouquet includes 20 mini doughnuts covered in chocolate.

This sweet gift can be ordered online and shipped right to the house of a loved one, making for a safe Valentine’s Day treat even if you can’t spend the day together.

Harry & David

Of course, you can always make your own Valentine’s Day goodies, like these 4-ingredient strawberry cake mix cookies, these cherry pie “envelopes” or hey, why not a pickle bouquet?

Are you already planning your Valentine’s Day goodies?

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