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‘Golden Girls’ Wallpaper Now Exists—And It’s So Sassy And Retro

‘Golden Girls’ Wallpaper Now Exists—And It’s So Sassy And Retro
Posted at 12:00 PM, Aug 12, 2020

If you’re looking for a new way to express your love for the “Golden Girls,” why not let your walls do the talking with “Golden Girls” wallpaper? Online home design company Spoonflower sells wallpaper featuring the faces of the hit sitcom‘s four main characters, letting you turn the room of your choice into a shrine to Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia.

The Spoonflower wallpaper is the work of Chica and Jo, one of the creators featured on Spoonflower (it’s a little like Etsy for textiles). You can get a coral wallpaper with large faces or teal background with smaller faces.

It comes in different types of applications, too. Of course, you can get it as a traditional style of wallpaper that has to be pasted on. The peel-and-stick method is easy to install and completely removable, while the pre-pasted type is ideal for novice home decorators — you just need to add water. There are also various sizes to choose from, costing up to $200 a roll. You can also order a sample if you aren’t sure how it will look in your home.

You gotta admit, the likeness is pretty great.

Spoonflower | @chica_and_jo

The awesome wallpaper is only one “Golden Girls”-themed item in Chica and Jo’s collection. The design is also available as a fabric you can purchase for $9 to $36 per yard, depending on which material you choose (options include everything from minky to chiffon and satin).

Then, you’re only limited by your imagination. You could make a table runner, napkins, drapes, cushion covers — even a head-to-toe outfit if you fancy it. But if your sewing skills are below par, Chica and Jo have a ready-made, double-sided throw blanket that can be yours for $128 to $158, based on the material.

Chica and Jo/Spoonflower

If you don’t like the idea of Blanche and the other “girls” watching your every move, you can still give your abode a “Golden Girls” vibe with the famous floral print couch pattern from the ladies’ Miami home. There’s also a cute stripe in the same colors, and a green tropical banana leaf pattern, like the one seen in Blanche’s bedroom.

Chica and Jo/Spoonflower

Other shops at Spoonflower are also selling “Golden Girls”-themed wallpaper and fabric as well, from detailed illustrations to more cartoonish patterns, so you have options! Check out this version from the Yesterday collection, which would also look great on your wall:

Chica and Jo/Spoonflower

“Golden Girls” aired from 1985 through 1992, but the love for the four feisty women has never diminished. Other “Golden Girls” products available include tumblers, mugs, coasters, prayer candles, chia pets and even hot sauce.

If you know someone who’s a fan, what better gift to say, “Thank you for being a friend?”

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