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Buy ‘Golden Girls’ Halloween costumes

Buy ‘Golden Girls’ Halloween Costumes
Posted at 10:35 AM, Jul 22, 2020

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Nothing against those saucy, barely-there Halloween costumes, but let’s be honest: Who the heck wants to be wearing a thin little costume outside at the end of October? It’s time we ditch the sexy kitty and nurse motifs and embrace costumes that are comfortable, sensible and roomy enough for all that candy and Hallowine.

And who’s more sensible than our favorite “Golden Girls”? Now, you and your pals can dress up as Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy, and say goodbye to the absurdity of sexy Mad Hatter costumes.

These decidedly unsexy and totally hilarious “Golden Girls” costumes can be found online at Amazon, as well as from retailers like Party City.

Check out this Sophia costume — complete with wig — available on Amazon for $54.99:


There are a couple of different brands offering “Golden Girls” costumes, including Rasta Imposta and Toynk, but the latter is the brand that is officially licensed. This is made more evident by the cost difference.

For example, the Blanche costume from Rasta Imposta is $29.99, whereas the Toynk Blanche costume (pictured below) is $69.99. So, it comes down to how authentic and pricey you want your “Golden Girls” getup to be.


One of our favorite parts about these “Golden Girls” costumes is that they work for individuals, groups and even couples. If you opted to dress as Dorothy, your guy could dress up as her ex-husband, Stanley. All he would need is a cheesy leisure suit and a ‘stache … toupee optional.

Looking for other “Golden Girls” merch to round out your Halloween celebration? Toss back some spooky shots in these Golden Girls-themed shot glasses. You can use the one that corresponds to the character costume you’re wearing!


You could also mix in a tropical vibe to your Halloween celebration and still stick with the “Golden Girls” theme with these “Golden Girls” tiki mugs! The set of four mini ceramic mugs is available on Amazon for $39.99. Pour some kind of pineapple-tinged Halloween punch, top with a tiny umbrella and toast to lifelong friendship!


Can you believe Halloween items are already available? Summer is way too short.

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