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New Sparkling Tequila Cocktails Are Just 100 Calories Each

New Sparkling Tequila Cocktails Are Just 100 Calories Each
Posted at 1:45 PM, Jul 20, 2020

By this stage in the evolution of the cocktail industry, we’ve seen an abundant variety of cocktails in a can. We’ve watched hard seltzer become a thing. And we’re familiar with all the celebrity spirits lines, including celebrity-owned tequilas.

Now, Onda — a brand that is owned in part by “Pretty Little Liars” actor Shay Mitchell — is alchemizing all of these elements into a sparkling tequila beverage. Mitchell, who is apparently obsessed with tequila soda, started the brand with three others in order “to elevate the ready-to-drink alcohol space with a new take on their favorite drink,” according to the Onda website.

One of Mitchell’s cohorts in bringing the new canned cocktails to the world is Max Dworin, who tweeted a photo of the bright red-orange cans when the products launched on July 1:

“Are you ready for some sparkling tequila in your life?” Dworin asked, rhetorically.

This latest addition to the world of canned cocktails was born out of an obsession with tequila soda and “inspired by the surf style of the ’90s.” The sparkling tequilas are available in lime or grapefruit flavors, and they are made with real fruit juice and blanco tequila. According to the website, the tequila is from a woman-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.

With zero sugar, 5% ABV and 100 calories per 12-ounce can, these little friends provide a lighter refreshment option than many beers, wines or sugary mixed cocktails for your summertime Zoom happy hours and backyard barbecues. As the Onda website puts it, “summer is a state of mind, best served in a can.”


The cans are available to order on Onda’s website where an 8-pack goes for $39, 16-packs are $69 and 24-packs are $99. Note that delivery is not available to all states, and you can currently buy Onda in stores only in the greater New York area. The brand hopes to expand soon, though.

If you’re looking for other canned sparkling cocktail options, Cutwater Spirits offers a wide array of different liquor-and-seltzer concoctions, including some that feature tequila, like a lime tequila soda and a grapefruit tequila paloma.

There’s also a vodka soda, whiskey mule, rum mint mojito, rum and ginger, tiki rum mai tai and even a horchata cold brew cocktail — all available in convenient cans just waiting for you to pop them open while dangling your feet in a lake.

Cutwater Spirits

Check out the Cutwater Spirits website and click on “where to buy” to hunt down these canned libations near you.

Is it canned-cocktails-o’clock yet?

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