Monday is World Emoji Day

Posted at 6:23 AM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 06:47:12-04

A holiday for something people use in texting and social media. Monday is World Emoji Day.

The holiday was created three years ago by the founder of "Emoji-pedia," a website that keeps track of all emojis. 

On Facebook, 60 million emojis are sent each day and 5 billion are used on messenger every day. The "LOL" emoji with tears of laughter is the most used in the world. The heart-eyed emoji came in second place. 

In celebration of the holiday, hundreds around the world gathered over the weekend to set the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as emoji faces in multiple locations.

A total of 531 fans participated in cities around the world.