Selling your home? Stage it first

Posted at 3:47 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 18:48:34-05
A lot of people struggle daily to keep our homes ready for unexpected guests, and Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List, said listing your house means being ready for inspection 24/7.  
"When selling your home, you want to just live a little tidier during that phase of your life because you might have to show your home on a moment's notice and want to be able to clean up quick and be out of the house," she said.  
Real estate agent Gavin Frost said the goal is to make perspective buyers feel like there is nothing to do.
"There are no bills to pay, there's no dishes to wash, there's no floors to clean… nothing," he said.   
Frost said there is no shame in taking the clutter with you when you leave for work.  
"Grab an empty laundry basket or a hamper. Start throwing everything in there. We're talking dirty clothes, toys, the daily clutter, all that stuff. We want to put it in there and work our way through the house. That is going to go into your car when you leave," Frost said.  
Some areas need more than a quick pick-up. Frost said your kitchen and bathrooms need to shine.  
"No water left over from your morning shower because we don't want to be thinking about that. Make sure that the lid on the toilet is shut. It's a good rule across the board  all lids on everything in the house should be shut. Then the sink  same deal. Wipe it out real quick and then put out some fresh towels," he said. 
It's great if you love your pet, but consider the buyer who may be allergic. Take your pet and all evidence including toys and litter box  away before the showing. 
The goal is to make buyers comfortable, making them feel at home.
Angie recommends storing family photos and other personal knick knacks, and removing about half the items in your closets to make them look roomier. She also suggests hiring a pro.
Homes that are staged spend 70 percent less time on the market. For more information on hiring and home staging, visit Angie's List

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