Is it time for a gutter guard system?

Leaves clogging up your gutters?
Posted at 8:06 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 20:06:37-04
Cleaning the gutters is a messy and potentially dangerous job, but putting it off too long can lead to clogs that cause your gutters to overflow, which leads to even more problems.
Gerry Murray, a Gutter cover professional has seen it all.
"It's washing away mulch, it's causing water to get in your basement and into the crawl space, so that's usually the time when we get calls where people have woken up in the middle of the night and the sump pump is running, running, running and they realize they've got water coming in," he said. 
To keep the water out, you need to keep leaves and debris from getting in. Low-cost products like pre-cut foam or whisker brushes can be easily installed and work for a while, but a professionally installed system like this one can dramatically reduce debris and last for up to 20 years.
"It just fits right in the gutter. It's got a patented z-bend, we call it, on the back that lays against that hanger. We squeeze it, pop it in and it creates quite a bit of camber  or bow  so it doesn't just sit flat."
Professionally installed systems cost anywhere from  $5 per foot for a basic cover to as much as $20 per foot for a micro-mesh system that's designed to handle almost any debris.
Homeowner Sam Brummett said the trouble he's had cleaning his gutters, led him to getting the covers.
"I've had a hard time every year cleaning out the leaves and getting the gutters clear, and putting the covers on has really helped that," Brummett said. 
Experts say the price to install mid-range gutter guards on the average home runs from $1500 to $2000. A steeply pitched roof or a lot of corners could add to that cost. Angie Hicks founder of Angie's List recommends asking your contractor about installing different systems on your home if you have trees only on one side, a basic system where there are few trees and a high-end one for the other side.