Flying Dog Brewery approved to buy 31 acres

Posted at 1:52 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 13:52:15-04
City elected officials have approved a contract with Flying Dog Brewery to sell 31 acres of vacant farmland near Frederick Municipal Airport for $2.55 million.
The city's Board of Aldermen on Thursday unanimously voted to launch a 120-day study period allowing the brewery to determine the feasibility of its $50 million project to open a 150,000-square-foot brewery on the property before the sale is final.
The purchase offer represents the property's full asking price.
Flying Dog says the new plant would be capable of producing 700,000 barrels a year, compared with 100,000 at its existing plant south of Frederick. The company hasn't said whether the project would serve as an expansion or replacement for its current headquarters.
The company, which currently employs about 100 people, says the project would create 150 jobs.