Cyber Monday secret: Stack discounts and use Google

Posted at 8:59 AM, Nov 27, 2017

American shoppers are expected to spend $6 billion on Cyber Monday this year, an all-time record, eclipsing what they spent on Black Friday.

Don't just click and buy something just because it is labeled as a hot Cyber Monday deal. You may find items at even bigger discounts in the holiday shopping days ahead.

Two secrets to save the most on Cyber Monday:

  • Stack your savings with extra bonuses
  • Search with sites such as Google and Bing to find the product for the best price

You want to find a good deal, then get another discount on top of that discount, and throw in free shipping on top of it. And you want to make sure that store has it for the lowest price.

Now we are talking real savings. Here are some examples.

The stacking secret
If you go to a major website such asMacy's,Kohl's or JC Penney you want to look for extra site-wide savings or bonus deals.

For instance, atToys R Us, you will find many Lego kits for $10 off (Such as Lego's Minecraft Wither kit marked down from $42 to $33). That's a good deal, but nothing great.

But then Toys R Us will give you an extra 15 percent off your entire order. Now we are talking.

In addition, if you spend $29, you get a $5 bonus Toys R US gift card plus free shipping.

So our $42 Lego set is now down to $24, with shipping being free. That's the type of stacking for which you should look.

The search secret
The second Cyber Monday savings secret is to copy and paste model numbers into other sites, for better savings. 

Or if that's too much work, just copy and paste in Google Shopping.

For instance, Dr. Dre's Power Beats 3 headphones list at $199 (all the teens want this right now).

Google the product, and you will find it at Target for $199 with an extra 15 percent off today, for a total of $170. Not too bad.

But at Best Buy, they are on sale for $159 for Cyber Monday, $11 less.

However, one Amazon seller has them new for $119, by far the best deal. 

Just check Amazon third party sellers carefully for reviews. And make sure you can get it in the next couple of days. If an Amazon seller gives you a date a week or two out, that usually means they don't have them in stock...a bad idea during the holiday season.

So in this case, you save the most by searching the product you want, then finding where it is cheapest. 

So stack those discounts, and compare your product at multiple sites, and make sure you are getting free shipping.  That way you save the most on Cyber Monday, and you don't waste your money.


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