$1,000 Christmas tree sold in New York City

Posted at 9:16 AM, Dec 07, 2016

The weeks leading up to Christmas are often filled with expenses - from Christmas trees to presents. While many families are tightening their belts during this time, some families are shelling out the big bucks for the perfect tree.

A Christmas tree in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood recently sold for $1,000.

The price included the cost of the tree, the tree stand and tree delivery.

The business that sold the tree has less expensive trees in stock, with some smaller ones selling for around $60.

Droughts are one reason for recent Christmas tree cost increases, customers end up paying for the water needed to keep the tree alive, but the $1,000 tree is a product of pure consumerism.

Christmas trees are far more affordable in less upscale parts of the city.

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