Amazon Prime membership now comes with Grubhub subscription offering free food delivery

Prime users will now enjoy free food delivery, money back on pick-up orders, reduced service fees and more.
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Posted at 8:02 PM, May 31, 2024

Amazon Prime just got a whole lot sweeter — or saltier, if that's your food delivery preference.

Hungry Prime members in the U.S. now have access to a free Grubhub+ membership, which includes free food delivery on orders over $12, reduced service fees, 5% credit back on pick-up orders and exclusive offers, the companies announced Wednesday.

It's an increase in offerings from Amazon's previous partnership with Grubhub, which only gave Prime customers a free subscription to Grubhub+ for a year before a $129 auto-renewal. Now the perk is a permanent free benefit to a Prime subscription.

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The partnership puts "all your deliveries in one place," Amazon says, because customers can order food with Grubhub directly through Amazon's app and website with an ordering experience "identical" to that on Grubhub's platforms. That includes the same restaurant prices and same payment processes for delivery partners on both platforms.

Additionally, the two platforms will provide "exclusive experiences" to users through a "Tune In & Takeout" series, solving the "age-old dilemma of 'what to watch and what to eat'" through food pairings to match Prime Video's content. It noted Grubhub's recent limited-edition Nuka-Blast Burger meal to pair with the premiere of Prime Video's "Fallout."

"Whether it's saving money on your favorite takeout with Grubhub+, exclusive deals on Prime Day, prescription savings with RxPass, entertainment with Prime Video, or free shipping on more than 300 million items including tens of millions of products available with Same-Day or One-Day Delivery, Prime keeps getting better for members," said Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime.

To use the service, Amazon users should type "Grubhub" into the Amazon product search bar. Tap the banner, and hit "Activate Now" to start ordering.