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This Bowflex Gives You A Home Gym Without Eating Up Too Much Space

This Bowflex Gives You A Home Gym Without Eating Up Too Much Space
Posted at 7:00 AM, Jul 24, 2021

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If you’ve decided to start working out at home instead of heading to the gym but don’t have a lot of space, there is a piece of equipment on the market that not only replaces multiple other pieces of equipment, but also takes up hardly any space.

The Bowflex PR1000 is a complete home gym that lets you to get a full-body workout via their Power Rod technology. The rods, which are connected on one end to a cable, offer the resistance of a heavy-weight workout but with lighter technology. You can achieve up to 210 pounds of resistance.


The home gym offers multiple pully positions so you can define the angle of resistance. It also has a built-in row machine, and the horizontal bench lets you to perform chest presses like you would on a normal weight bench.

There are also overhead pullies, which let you pull the weight down to perform a variety of back exercises, while a leg attachment allows you to work your quads and hamstrings. There are also numerous options for exercising your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Bowflex has even added a media rack to the machine that can hold your tablet or phone so you can watch your favorite show or follow along with workouts from Bowflex or another exercise routine.

While all of this might make it seem like the machine is quite large, it actually isn’t. The bench seat folds up when not in use, taking up approximately 82 inches (or 7 feet) in height when in its collapsed position. That means you will simply need a room with at least a 7-foot tall ceiling. It’s 38 inches wide, and you should also be sure to keep at least 36 inches on each side of the machine clear for safety reasons, so you will need space for that, too.

The Bowflex PR1000 is also priced fairly cheaply for the amount of equipment it replaces. While the list price is $799, it is just$599 on Amazon. You can also choose to make monthly payments of $33.33 for 18 months if you can’t pay it all at once.


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Do you go to a gym or prefer working out at home?

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