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Blind Dog And His Support Cat Adopted Into New Family Together

Blind Dog And His Support Cat Adopted Into New Family Together
Posted at 1:25 PM, Jul 09, 2021

The relationship between cats and dogs doesn’t have the best track record. “Fighting like cats and dogs” didn’t become a popular saying without a good reason. But sometimes, these cuddly pets come together in unexpected and delightful ways to become best friends.

Enter Spike the dog and Max the cat. This pair became the talk of social media when the Saving Grace Animal Society in Alberta, Canada, shared their heartwarming friendship and a call for them to be adopted together.

Amanda McClughan of the Saving Grace Animal Society explained to the CBC how the pair lived together outside before arriving at the shelter. As a result, the furry friendship “likely started from providing warmth for each other against the elements.”

The Edmonton Journal reported someone in the community called the shelter out of concern for the animals during a cold snap. When a team arrived at the home, members were moved by what they saw. They discovered the two animals together, but it also appeared that the dog had vision problems.

“We basically sent a team out and when they pulled up to the house, Max and Spike were in a little dog igloo outside curled up together,” McClughan told the Edmonton Journal. “We ended up talking with the owners and they agreed that it would be best for us to take them in, get them the vet care that they needed, and then find them a home more suitable to having a blind dog.”

The owners surrendered the pets, and once the rescue team got the animals back to the shelter, staff veterinarians realized Spike had severe cataracts. To relieve Spike’s pain, doctors removed both of his eyes. Max was in the shelter’s cat room in the meantime, but the staff could tell when they spent time together that Spike was seeking out his feline friend.

Once he healed from the surgery, the shelter team knew they had to find a forever home for the pair. That’s when Saving Grace Animal Society put out the call on Facebook to keep this lovable duo together.

“These two have gone through some big changes in life recently,” the post said, “and they are really just looking for a patient home to take them in and love them.”

Comments flooded in on Facebook, and less than two weeks after the original adoption post, someone came to bring Spike and Max to their forever home. The shelter posted the happy update along with a photo of the pair’s new mama.

We wish Max, Spike and their new mom a long, happy and healthy life together!

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