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Second Chance bridges the gap for Black owned businesses

Posted at 6:31 PM, Feb 08, 2022

BALTIMORE — They were brave enough to start up their own business. All they want is a chance, and they are receiving it at Second Chance.

One of the most underrated places in Baltimore, with history everywhere within its four walls, is promoting Black History Month.

Every Thursday through Sunday when Second Chance is open, they will have Black owned business setting up shop.

We walked into Second Chance near the stadiums in South Baltimore. There we saw Regal Clothes, Etsy, Drama Mama Bookshop, Nina’s Cookies and Taylor Enterprises.

You walk into the palace and you’ll see several tables set up under the old Cole Field House floor at College Park.

Second Chance believes in giving back and they believe in giving Black owned businesses a chance for all to see. Next month Second Chance will turn it over to the ladies.

And then in April, you’ll be able to get flower and gardening advice.