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Best Valentine’s Gifts for Kids 2021

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Kids 2021
Posted at 10:25 AM, Jan 27, 2021

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your kids that you love them on Valentine’s Day. From collectible stuffed animals to chewy, gooey candy, it’s the little things that they appreciate the most. Consider buying your gifts in a set, so kids can share and trade them with their best friends or siblings. These are also great for Valentine’s Day party gift bags and classrooms. Just remember — the best Valentine’s gifts for kids are whatever your children will get most excited about.

Kids are often attracted to trends, especially when they see a toy, book or game that their friends have. Read up on the latest and you will discover things like zipper bracelets, squishy toys and offerings from popular television shows and movies. Toys that can be used in a variety of ways are a good choice and tend to open the door to educational play, too.

You can surprise your little ones by tucking in a few of these toys with some sweet treats in a gift basket, and they can munch away while they are playing or putting stickers on a heart-filled picture. For an even easier shopping experience, find the best Valentine’s gifts for kids online.

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

1. Neliblu Heart Stress Balls

Price: $16.97

Cheer up and smile with these Neliblu Heart Stress Balls. There are a dozen cute little 3-inch foam smiley-faced hearts in the set, so you can use them in gift bags or pass them out at your kids’ Valentine’s Day party.


2. UpBrands Zipper Bracelets

Price: $13.49

UpBrands Zipper Bracelets are a hot trend with kids these days, and they make a fun Valentine’s Day gift. They come in a 7 1/2 inch length that works for kids and adults, and in packs of 48 to 144. You can also get 6 1/2-inch versions for smaller wrists.



3. Airheads Candy Bars

Price: $8.99

Kids of all ages love Airheads Candy Bars, and this bulk pack includes 36 individually-wrapped ones. Choose from raspberry, green apple, a variety pack and other flavors. Airheads are low-calorie, gluten-free and allergy-free. This box might be among the best Valentine’s gifts for kids, but don’t overlook it for adults, either. It’s a classic favorite that is big on the nostalgia factor.


4. Jofan 48 PCS Valentines Slap Bracelets Toys

Price: $9.99

The Jofan 48 PCS Valentines Slap Bracelets Toys go on with a slap, and everyone loves to put them on and take them off to trade with friends. The 12 Valentine-themed designs feature butterflies, hearts, stars and cupids.


5. Disney Valentine’s Day Coloring Books

Price: $12.95

Young Disney fans will spend hours with these Disney Valentine’s Day Coloring Books, which include coloring pages, stickers and activities. This set includes three different books with 140 total pages and 90 stickers.



6. QINGQIU 24 PCS Valentine’s Day Mochi Squishy Toys 

Price: $16.99

Little hands will enjoy playing with these QINGQIU 24 PCS Valentine’s Day Mochi Squishy Toys. This set includes 24 pieces of happy red, white and pink characters to be squeezed, collected and traded.



7. JOYIN 28-Pack Valentine’s Day Stationery Gift Set

Price: $27.95

The JOYIN 28-Pack Valentine’s Day Stationery Gift Set is perfect for kids who like to be creative. It comes with two pencils, two erasers, a stamper and a sheet of stickers. They can make their own Valentine’s Day cards and keep the extra supplies for other craft projects.


8. Juegoal 26 Pack Mini Animal Plush Toy Set

Price: $19.94

The Juegoal 26 Pack Mini Animal Plush Toy Set has 26 baby stuffed animals that hang from loops and can fit into the palm of your hand. Each one is a different kind of animal, so this makes a perfect gift for one kid or for a group to share. If you only want to give a few of the stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day, you can even save the rest for birthdays, Easter eggs, or stocking stuffers later in the year.


Did you think of something perfect for your kids’ Valentine’s Day present? Happy shopping!

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