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Arundel Rivers Federation

Posted at 3:33 PM, Sep 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-11 09:21:56-04

The South River in Anne Arundel County needs some help, and the Arundel Rivers Federation is answering the call!

To stop erosion from tearing the shoreline apart, the group is building breakwaters.

But unlike the big rock piles used for breakwater throughout the state, Arundel Rivers Federation is using oyster reef balls, which is a first for Maryland. The balls help break the waves to keep the river bank from getting destroyed, and the organization is planting native grasses to stop erosion and runoff from the land. The oyster reef filters the water and enhances the habitat for all creatures of the water.

It's a big plan and it took a lot of help, but they could always use more. If you want to take the kids out and volunteer to help save the river with Arundel Rivers Federation, click here. One of their partners on this project is the Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland, they have volunteer opportunities throughout the state, check them out here.