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Transparency at WMAR-2 News
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Posted at 3:52 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2021-03-18 14:41:43-04

At WMAR we strive every day to truly reflect our Maryland community. Our team of journalists works hard to create authentic connections with those in the community, communities where they live, shop and worship.

Admittedly, we are not always perfect.

Here’s one example. In March of 2019 News Director Kelly Groft logged onto www.wmar2news.com in the morning to start her day. In what we call the “top 6”, the top 6 stories on the website, 5 of the stories contained mug shots, the 6th was weather.

Stories with just mug shots do not reflect the quality of stories the WMAR-2 News team tells in the community. On March 9th she challenged the digital team to try a day without mug shots in the top 6, “no mug shot Monday”. The team quickly saw the change of the look and feel of our website and how it better reflected our community. Now very rarely will you see a mug shot in our “top 6”. There are stipulations: someone who is wanted and a current threat to the community, or police believe the pictured person could have more victims.

We believe in journalism and the power of local news.

We believe in holding the powerful accountable.

We believe in this community.

We believe in our role in helping your family rebound financially and mentally from the events of the world.

We believe in honoring our Veterans.

We also know we are not perfect. Our News Director, Kelly Groft, wants to hear from you, the good and the bad. She can be reached at groft@wmar.com or by phone at 410-372-2576.

If you have a story idea you can send those to storyideas@wmar.com.