FIERY SKIES-Canadian Wildfires Contribute To Colorful Skies

Have you noticed the sunrises and sunsets...
Fiery Sunrise
Posted at 8:47 PM, Jul 10, 2019

BALTIMORE — Have you noticed the fiery sunrises and sunsets as of late across Central Maryland. Even today the Baltimore skyline was shrouded in a smoky haze dissipating the crystal blue sky and bright sunshine above. What's the reason for the haze and colorful skies during the dusk/dawn period?

Well once again wildfires in Canada are to blame. Currently more than 25 wildfires are burning over Ontario and Manitoba sending the smoke our way. With the jetstream well off to the north in Canada the smoke is allowed to be carried 1,000 miles + downstream toward Maryland.

As the smoke particles rise from the fires thousands of feet up into the atmosphere strong horizontal winds mix the particles around transporting them toward the area. As the sun reflects of these particles the processes of reflection and refraction occur hence the colorful skies above.

Smoke looks to remain in the forecast through the weekend so expect continued chances to view beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Just be sure to send us a photo!!