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Warm weather is around the corner

NOAA's Winter outlook keeps us above average
Posted at 11:06 PM, Oct 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 23:06:08-04

Winter. Just the word alone make one think of snow and hot chocolate, maybe even shoveling the driveway. But this winter you may still outside at playgrounds and keeping the snow plow machine in the garage. NOAA has released its winter outlook this last week. La Nina conditions (cooler waters in the Pacific), have a remarkable effect on the jetstream. The jetstream should stay mostly to our north. Thus, big rain makers and dramatic cold fronts, stay to our north as well.


Temperatures in Baltimore for December through February, have a 30% chance of being warmer than normal. If you want to travel to one of the warmest spots, that would be Texas with a 70% chance of being warmer than normal. That warmth means any storm systems that do bring precipitation, will most likely end up as rain as opposed to snow.


While Baltimore will continue to deal with seasonal rain chances, it will be much drier for the southern US. So if you are looking for a white Christmas, your best chances will be from Washington state through North Dakota.