POLLEN TAKEOVER: Allergy Sufferers Beware

Sniffle and sneeze index is dialed up to high..

On your mark, get set,and go grab those Kleenex as allergy season ramps up all across Central Maryland. The main culprit this year looks to be tree pollen which would be in line with the 2016-2017 season. During those 2 years we had similar conditions with an up and down winter that ended around mid April sending us into full pollination mode thereafter.

The pollen levels this week alone look to be a sign that we could see an above average Spring season thanks to some big warmth. A good indicator of this is the light yellow film showing up on many cars, grills, and even patio furniture across the area.

Currently Maple, Elm, and Juniper look to be the main concerns along with mold particles
resurfacing as a result of the warmer conditions. With warmer temps and drier conditions in the forecast trees,flowers, and grasses will be able to exhale that pollen out for us to miserably enjoy.

Conditions will be high to very high over the next few days so if your an allergy sufferer beware. Allergist recommend keeping the windows at home or in the office closed to keep out pollen. If you have a If you have a car it is recommended to change the Cabin Filter, which helps to keep allergens and pollutants out of the cabin. It's also suggested to avoid the outdoors between 5 a.m and 10 a.m 
if you can, since this is when pollen counts are at their highest.

Just remember Winter is to blame for all of this mess. All of those ups and downs from the long dry spell to bouts with April snow have increased our pollen season ahead. The one thing that can help us is rain and humidity which we actually do have in the 7 day forecast come the end of the weekend into next week. 

To track the pollen levels this season, be sure to bookmark our Allergy Forecast page. 
It's updated daily with the latest pollen levels, forecasts and stories to get you through the season. 

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