Suspect shot, 2 hostages freed after active shooter situation at UPS facility in New Jersey

Posted at 10:09 AM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 12:25:38-05

LOGAN TWP., NJ. — Officials with the prosecutor's office say the suspect in an active shooting situation at a UPS facility in New Jersey has been shot, and two woman hostages have been freed.

There is still no word on the suspects condition, but police can confirm the hostages are okay. Sources tell the ABC station in Philadelphia that hostages were being held at the UPS facility in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Police added on that the suspect did not surrender, but that he was taken into custody after an apparent confrontation with the police. 6abc reports the active shooter situation was called into police around 8:30 a.m. in Logan Township.

Officials do confirm there was some sort of relationship between the suspect and one of the women.

While details are still limited, during a Chopper stream produced by 6abc, you can see police officers ducking behind their cars outside of a loading ramp.

Police say the incident was contained to the UPS facility, and all other businesses and areas within the community are secure.

Employees have said the incident apparently began with an armed man who was angry at his ex-girlfriend. One of the employees, Ahslee Erickson, told 6abc, "From what I understand it was someone who did not work there that was having a confrontation with their significant other."

Erickson said she knew something was wrong as soon as the facility was being evacuated.

"Then there was a massive police presence as soon as we were walking out of the building, there were a good ten cop cars, they all had their guns drawn out heading toward the main entrance of the building," Erickson said.

And 6abc says employee Donelle Harden had a similar account.

"I noticed people running out the back exit and I asked a coworker 'why is everyone running outside?' Next thing you know I hear a gunshot and a coworker screaming 'Everybody get out he's got a gun,'" Harden said.

Police say 32 UPS employees were transported to a nearby Holiday Inn.

In a written statement, UPS said:

"UPS is working with law enforcement as they respond to an active shooter situation at one of the company's supply chain processing facilities in Logan Township, New Jersey. We cannot provide information about the identity of people involved at this time."