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5-year-old among 3 injured in Easter Sunday shooting

Posted at 7:02 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 19:05:11-04

In Randallstown at an apartment complex off Liberty Road, you can still see what so many people heard during their Easter evening.

Five bullet holes pockmark the hallway door and a sliding door on a nearby balcony was completely shot out.

But the images of Monday pale in comparison to the ones from last night; neighbors like Shawn Davis looking at evidence markers next to children's toys.

"That's definitely worse than anything because when I came in, all I saw was a bike, I am assuming it was the kid's bike was like flipped over," Davis said.

Baltimore County Police say it happened just before six o'clock Easter Sunday when a suspect ran upon a man, his girlfriend, and her five-year-old child and began firing.

All three were shot but they were able to run inside and call the police.

The victims, including the five-year-old who was shot in the leg, are all expected to be okay, but now police are searching for the gunman.

"We have a lot of leads that we are following up today so, our investigators worked all night long on this case, following up on leads and gathering information,” said Officer Jen Peach, “They've got some good information that they are following up with today and we are hoping that leads to an arrest quickly."

Police say it was daylight and Easter Sunday and many were either out and about or around and multiple people called in the shooting to 911.

Police can’t confirm a motive yet but are comfortable saying the male victim was targeted.

That piece of information though does nothing for the security of neighbors here.

"It's a huge safety issue,” Davis said, “This community should be gated off at this point. I mean they are already modifying the doors so they have locks and everything so they might as well gate off the community."