Strongman provides more gifts than strength

I enjoy picking up odd objects for fun and strongman training allows me to do just that.

While the strength sport can be dangerous, I've seen so many gains in other areas of my life. Here's five of the most notable ones: 

Improved Energy

I don't drink coffee and I work overnight, but since I started training events roughly two years ago I find myself with a heightened sense of energy. 

"A body in motion stays in motion" is ever so true since I've been more involved in the sport. I find that while I do appreciate my rest and time off from the gym, I feel more alive at gatherings with family and friends.

Day-to-day Functioning 

Simple tasks like taking in the groceries in one trip, moving furniture, even sitting at my desk at work are all easier. 

Better Mindset

The amount of variety in strongman is endless. It provides new challenges constantly against competitors who have done things I've never done before and vice versa. I find myself creating new goals I want to accomplish as a competitor and this translates to wanting more out of my personal life. 

Greater Desire to Help Others

My training partner Nicolai Myers told me that coaching strongman has not only made him get more satisfaction out of his training, but it has made him a better lifter. His description is so accurate. I find myself also getting more enjoyment out of other people's personal records more than my own. Since I was fortunate enough to be welcomed by successful competitors into the community, I feel as though paying it forward will not only grow the sport but grow better people. 

The Community

I have met most of the people who matter in my life through athletics. The best people are from this community. For the most part, the strongman community promotes the idea of encouraging others to accomplish insane feats of physical and mental strength. The negative stigma of egotistical, selfish individuals isn't present in most of the competitors I've come across. I can truly say I've made friends for life because of strongman. 

I am forever thankful for what strongman has done for me. I've seen people of all shapes and sizes not only compete but see these benefits and more.

I encourage you to try something outside of your comfort zone like I did. You might surprise yourself as to how much you'll gain. 

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